Restaking Points All-in-One

Do you want to get all the restaking points at once from different platforms like Eigenlayer,, Renzo, Swell, and so on? Come join DeSyn, earn Tons of points, and become a millionaire!

Most crypto projects offer rewards of up to 3% or less, but DeSyn Protocol has a better plan to pump up your investment with rewards of up to 1x to 3x on your purchases. That’s right: 1x to 3x return based on your investment in different restaking funds available on our platform.

What's more, we have introduced a new function called "Team Battle," where anyone can become a team leader and invite friends, community members, and beyond by sharing the referral link to join the team and become richer together. The best part? The top 5 teams in the leaderboard will gain extra rewards, giving you even more opportunities to boost your returns.

Event Period: April 12, 2024-July 11, 2024

Event Rules:

  1. Visit, click Restaking Points All-in-One to enter the event page, and choose your preferred team.

  2. Each team is led by a leader who sets customized incentive plans to motivate and reward team members. (Please refer to the team leader's descriptions for specific incentives).

  3. DeSyn will conduct daily points tallying and update snapshots. You can check your point balance 1 hour after a successful deposit.

This event is based on all DeSyn Restaking products:

(Throughout the season, we will keep adding new products and additional rewards for everyone to enjoy!)

Participants will ultimately receive

  1. The base 3x points for the product, plus additional points/rewards from each product (points vary slightly from product to product)

  2. Team Leader + DeSyn joint points incentive (different incentives by different Team Leaders)

  3. DeSyn bonus points for the Top 5 Teams on the leaderboard (see team rank table below)

Bonus Points

Along with the base 3x points for the product and the incentives set by different team leaders, the DeSyn team offers additional bonus points based on the team's performance and achievements in the points system. The bonus points are designed to encourage and reward outstanding teamwork and collaboration.

⚡️Team Leader Incentives:

Based on the total points earned by the team's staked ETH/LRT (calculated by adding up the points earned by the team members), DeSyn provides DeSyn point incentives to the team leader. When the team's points reach the specified range, the team leader can receive an additional percentage of bonus points as a reward. The team leader can redistribute the extra bonus points on his own.

Team DeSyn Points% of Extra IncentivesTeam Leader Extra DeSyn Points



















⚡️Top 5 Team Ranking Incentives:

The top 5 teams on the leaderboard unlock additional bonus points based on the team's performance and achievements, giving users more opportunities to enhance their rewards.

Team RankingPoints Boost











Note: The points on the leaderboard are based on DeSyn points accumulated by team members, excluding any extra points from activities. The points boost is effective for all members of the team.

At DeSyn, we’re all about leveraging our resources to help investors succeed. By taking part in available restaking funds on DeSyn, our expert team will combine all the rewards on your behalf to help you achieve the greatest returns possible. We aim to pump up your investments and help you reach your financial goals faster!

With Team Battle, you can achieve your financial goals and grow your wealth in a fun and collaborative way. So what are you waiting for? Join DeSyn’s “Team Battle” campaign and start building your wealth!

Please note:

- Issuance in any restaking fund will earn you a base 3x point reward during the event.

- Users participating in the Eigenpie restaking product should note that assets deposited in Eigenpie during the pre-lockup period will not receive mLRT token, and it can only be exchanged for mLRT via swap.

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