DeSyn Points Introduction FAQ

1. What are DeSyn points, and how are they used?

As a token of appreciation for the immense support from our users, DeSyn introduces a point rewards event. DeSyn points serve as a measure of contribution to the DeSyn platform and are crucial for eligibility in receiving DSN token airdrops. Stay tuned for more activities to earn points and participate in airdrops through the official DeSyn announcements channel and community updates.

2. How can I earn DeSyn points?

Currently, participating in the Restaking Points All-in-One event on the homepage of the official website allows users to earn DeSyn points. DeSyn points will increase with the amount of tokens invested and the duration of holding.

3. How can I check my DeSyn points?

DeSyn points can be viewed in the "Points Rewards" menu on the introduction page of the participated fund portfolio.

4. What are the rules for generating DeSyn points?

DeSyn points are generated at a 1 point per 1 ETH (or equivalent in LST/LRT) per hour.

For example, if a product's current TVL value is 1000 ETH, after 24 hours, 24000 points will be generated. The system will take a snapshot every hour.

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