1.3.1 Open-end Product: ETF Products

➢ It is very simple to use the DeSyn platform to create an open-end product. The product liquidity created by the open-end structure is super-awesome and investors can join and withdraw at any time.

➢ It is especially suitable for index products:

Sector index, constructed based on the category of digital assets.

Popular index, constructed based on popularity of the market towards certain concepts

High-performing indexes, constructed based on the index of high-performing or well-managed digital assets.

➢Indicator index, constructed based on some specific indicators.

View the video description of the creation process of [Open-end Product: asset management products]

1.3.2 Closed-end Product

➢ Closed-end products are suitable for professional individuals and teams who pursue supreme profits.

➢You can set a special fundraising period for the product roadshow, and portfolio shares can be circulated and transferred on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

➢ Due to the operation period is closed for money in and out, managers are less affected by the fluctuation of portfolio scale.

1.3.3 DIY product

DIY Products are suitable for complex strategies and very professional individuals and asset management institutions.

You can refer to DeSyn's interface documentation or communicate with DeSyn's team to issue some products that designs various DeFi strategies and have complex strategy calculations.

The DeSyn team supports the development of personalized strategy products so that portfolio managers can better meet their trading strategies.

For example: leveraged staking ETH, etc

If necessary, please [join our community] and contact us through official channels.

1.3.4 On-chain commission sharing System

➢ Reasonable income distribution will serve a good incentive for the market and management team. Using it in the right way will help the management team to expand their business and obtain more income.

➢ We support managers to establish a fully decentralized and flexible revenue distribution rule on chain through the DeSyn Protocol.

➢ Portfolio managers can reasonably distribute the main income (issuance fee, redemption fee, management fee, and performance fee) of the portfolio product according to the contribution of fundraising partners and investment experts to the portfolio.

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