How to Manage a Portfolio

You can manage and maintain your portfolio by accessing the settings function on the fund details page

1. Position Adjustment

This function only allows owners and managers to have access to manage the composition of the portfolio's asset allocation.

2. Transferring Ownership

You can transfer the investment portfolio's management authority (the highest authority) to another address. Once the operation is successful, the replaced address will lose the management authority of the portfolio, so please operate with caution.

3. Manager’s Income Distribution

You can use this function to grant manager authority to other addresses and give combined benefits. Once you add or delete the addresses, the management fee income will be distributed instantly.

4. Portfolio Introduction

You can write a compelling description for the portfolio so that investors can better acquaint themselves with you and your team. Note: This function can only be added once for the time being, and modifications are not allowed once completed, so please proceed with caution.

5. Turn on Performance Statistics

This function is exclusive to the Closed-end portfolio products, and Open-end portfolio products do not have this function.

This function mainly calculates the performance fee for Closed-end portfolio products. We use this function to lock in the initial size of the portfolio assets.

According to the fundraising status, the manager can turn on the performance statistics and start operating the portfolio, even if the fundraising period has not ended.

Once the performance statistics are enabled, the portfolio will automatically enter the management period.

T Day refers to the fundraising deadline. Managers can open performance statistics at any time before T+3 Day, and everyone can help the portfolio open performance statistics on T+2~3 Day.

After T+3 Day, the portfolio will no longer be able to turn on performance statistics, which means that the portfolio will not be able to count and allocate performance fees.

Therefore, this operation is an important sign of the formal establishment and operation of the portfolio. Managers who manage Closed-end portfolios must pay attention to them and operate them in a timely manner to avoid negligence.

6. Closing Performance Statistics

Closing performance statistics are also a feature exclusive to Closed-end portfolio products, where the manager can terminate performance statistics at the end of the management period provided that the manager/investor has turned on performance statistics.

The contract will calculate the return based on the portfolio asset size at the time of opening and terminating performance statistics and complete the distribution of performance fees according to the contract.

The operation deadline is T day. On T+1 day, only the manager can terminate the performance statistics. After T+1 day, if the manager has not terminated the performance statistics, everyone can operate this function, and the earliest data submitted for confirmation shall prevail.

7. Whitelist Function

In order to better comply with relevant regulations and risk control, we offer two whitelist systems.

Investor whitelist: The owner can set who is allowed to invest in this product. If an address is added to the whitelist that allows to invest and later be removed, it means the address cannot invest new shares in the future, but the redemption of historical shares is not affected.

Token Whitelist: The owner can set which tokens the managers of this portfolio can trade, and these tokens need to be selected from the list of tokens allowed by the platform.

For more details, please refer to

8. Termination of a Portfolio

At present, there is no concept of manual termination/dismission for both Open-end and Closed-end portfolio products. Managers, investors, and fundraising partners can retrieve their own assets according to the rules of the protocol until the asset in the pool is 0.

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