Open-end ETF Flowchart

Open-end ETF product is the ideal portfolio structure for index-based strategies, as it enables portfolio managers to manage assets efficiently by allocating digital assets proportionally. If you want to construct an index to track a certain sector, an open-end ETF product is the optimal choice. To better understand the product structure, please check the terms and charts below.

Issue and Redeem: Users can easily issue and redeem fund shares without delays or restrictions. General issuance can be used if the user has the corresponding assets in the wallet, but if the user does not possess the corresponding assets, then USDC or WBTC can be used to issue funds through smart issuance; during this process, the contract will select the most optimal exchange rate with Uni V2, V3, and 1inch to swap them into the desired assets.

Fundraising Partnership: In our referral program, fundraising partners can earn commissions anytime without constraints. Utilizing a "one-click forwarding” link, partners can easily refer their friends and family to our services. When someone uses the referral link associated with your account, you can check any accrued commissions in a personalized dashboard and claim rewards anytime.

Fund Manager(s): Fund managers can easily set up their own fund parameters during the initial launch, such as fees, commissions, token whitelists, portfolio managers, and more. During the operational period, smart contracts will automatically distribute fees or commissions, ensuring fairness and transparency. However, contrary to user random withdrawals, the fund manager cannot control other investors' assets to transfer from protocol.

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