How to Issue & Redeem A Portfolio?

There are two methods to help you discover the perfect product for your needs.

List Search - New Product

We have integrated our latest release portfolios into this list, you can click [Explore] to access the list and retrieve products by sorting the indicators.

List Search - Product Ranking

We will mainly create this list with product performance indicators as the core, you can access this list by clicking [Data] and searching products by sorting the indicators.

Issuance and Redemption

The DeSyn Protocol supports investors to mint and burn shares. In an open-end product, this operation can be done anytime and anywhere;

In a closed-end product, it can be done according to the initial setup of the portfolio๏ผš

โ—‹ Issue

You can purchase by doing the following actions

โ—‹ Redeem

After the management period, you can sell by the following actions

Portfolio Monitoring

After connecting your wallet, you can see the assets issued and redeemed and the detailed transaction history through the dashboard.

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