1.2.1 Investor

➢ Investors can obtain shares by purchasing them on centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX).

➢ Also, they can create a portfolio and generate shares through the protocol.

➢ Investors retain full custody of the assets, the funds are secured by Desyn smart contracts, and the portfolio managers only have management rights and cannot transfer the assets.

1.2.2 Portfolio Manager

➢ The portfolio manager is the manager of the asset management product, and Desyn allows one asset management product to have multiple managers.

➢ The portfolio manager mainly need to maintain and rebalance the proportion of various assets in the asset management protocol to meet their asset management strategy.

➢ The portfolio manager can provide their product information to customers who meet their requirements, which can be individuals, institutional investors, and DAOs.

➢ The portfolio manager can reasonably distribute fund income and motivate core members related to asset management products to achieve smooth product fundraising and sustain profitability.

1.2.3 Developer

➢ Developers will continue to optimize and iterate the DeSyn Protocol so that it can meet the more complex needs of portfolio managers and investors.

➢ Developers will integrate the contracts of various third parties in a timely manner, and disclose detailed documents to outside. We support and encourage customers to use our basic protocols to build various products.

1.2.4 Fundraising Partner

➢ Fundraising partner assist in raising money for products by promoting products that meet their expectations.

➢ Everyone can be a DeSyn fundraising partner. As long as he finds a product he likes and forwards it, the protocol will calculate its raised contribution and associated commission according to the policy set by the portfolio manager, and secure the fundraising partner's income via smart contracts.

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