Creating Instructions for Open-end ETF

Open-end - The ETF product is more suitable for index-based strategies, and portfolio managers manage products through the proportional allocation of digital assets.

Protocol introduction

The setup process is divided into 5 steps:

Step 1: Select a product

Before you begin minting, you need to link your wallet and authorize it.

DeSyn now has three types of products for you to choose from which are open-end ETF, closed-end, and customized one.

Please select Open-end ETF Product.

Step 2: Set parameters

Open-end - There are a total of 11 items available in the parameter setting

Basic Information:

Product name: Choose a name for your product, within 50 letters or numbers.

Product abbreviation: To make it easier for investors to remember, set an abbreviation for your product, within 10 letters or numbers.

Fee Rate Setting

Issuance fee: You can charge investors a certain fee for some expenses in the product release process. The ratio should not exceed 10%, and it is recommended to be around 2%.

Redemption fee: You can charge the investor a certain fee to pay for some expenses in the redemption process. The ratio cannot exceed 10%, and it is recommended to be around 2%.

Management fee: The management fee is the main income for your portfolio management, the fee ratio should not exceed 10%, and it is recommended to be around 2%.

Advanced Settings

Investor white list:

If the products you release need to comply with local regulations, such as soliciting for specific groups with certain qualifications, you can enable this function. After it is turned on, only the addresses within whitelist can issue and redeem shares

Authorized managers:

You can authorize multiple individuals and organizations to manage products with you. This permission only includes the right to rebalance and not the right to transfer product ownership

Asset income distribution:

You can use this function to distribute the income generated by asset management products to the right people.

White list of investment assets:

This function is mainly used to constrain the investment scope, and you can activate it when the investment scope is very certain. Once it is turned on, you can only invest in the target you set and it cannot be changed.

Step 3: Build a Portfolio

  • After setting product parameters, you can start building a portfolio according to your strategy or plan.

  • You need to determine the type and quantity of tokens, as well as the corresponding composition ratio. The sum of the ratios of all tokens must be equal to 100%.

  • Determine the number of share tokens you want to initially mint, this setting will affect the initial net value/price of each share token. For example: I invested a total of 100 USD in assets and minted 10 share tokens, then the initial share token price is about 10 USDT/piece.

  • The weight style is a convenient tool. We provide two shortcut tools for assigning tokens: arithmetic mean and market value weighting. For example, if your portfolio consists of 4 tokens, if you choose the arithmetic mean, each token will be given a 25% weight. If you choose market value weighting, it will be based on the ratio of the total market value of each token to the total market value of the portfolio to give weight.

Step 4: Data on-chain

➢ After completing the product basic settings and portfolio configuration, we will use the smart contract to save your settings to the chain. This process will take a certain amount of time, please wait patiently.

➢ In the process that smart contract goes on chain , you need to authorize and pay the gas fee. Please ensure that the wallet link status is normal and the relevant assets are sufficient.

➢ Our program will give you feedback on the results in a timely manner ,after completing that smart contract goes on chain.

➢ You can click the Retry button to know the progress of the smart contract

Part 5: Released successfully

➢ When you see this page, congratulations, your asset management product has been successfully launched.

➢ Click [View Detail] to view the products you issued.

➢ You can send the address of the product to your friends, investors or post it on social media to attract investors to invest in your product.

➢ The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. We expect you to become an excellent manager and achieve amazing results.

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