DeSyn Protocol FAQ

1. If I issue shares for my assets in an open-end ETF, then do these assets go under the full control of the creator?

With an open-end ETF, you have control over your assets. You can issue and redeem them whenever you like. Assets are stored on the blockchain, and no one owns or controls your funds, not even DeSyn Protocol, because of its decentralized behavior.

2. Why am I unable to connect my wallet via an Android/mobile browser?

Sorry, right now we don’t have a mobile version, so we recommend you use the website version to trade.

3. How many fees do I need to pay?

To issue or redeem a portfolio, you must pay gas, issuance, redemption, and management fees. The set limit for respective fees (except gas) should be from 0% to 10%, which the portfolio creators can set. So It’s up to the portfolio creators how much percentage (%) they are willing to charge within the above set range.

And if you want to create a portfolio, then you need to pay the gas fee only.

4. What does (20%) platform commission mean?

The 20% Platform Commissions are set based on the Issue Fees, Redemption Fees, and Management Fees, NOT your total funds. For example: If the Issue Fee and Redemption Fee are set at 1%, then the platform commission will be 0.2% of that amount.

5. Is there any way to deeply participate in the DeSyn Protocol?

Be a part of something big! DeSyn’s Global Ambassador Program is your opportunity to help promote the growth of the DeSyn ecosystem and take part in shaping the #WEB3 finance industry. There are a lot of ways to join us, such as Transaction Ambassador, Technical Ambassador, Promotion Ambassador, and Business Ambassador.

Sign up now to join our community of ambassadors:

6. Why is the gas fee so high sometimes?

Creating an ETF entails creating a contract of your own. If Ethereum traffic is high, the gas fee may be expensive. We suggest trying it when Ethereum traffic is low.

If you have any additional questions, you are welcome to either ask in DeSyn Communities (you can find links below) or contact us directly via email (

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