Restaking Fund

Please note:

  1. Within all Restaking Fund products on the DeSyn platform, apart from the 3x base points rewards:

a) The Puffer project will provide an additional 15% points bonus for the relevant product;

b) The Eigenpie project will offer an extra 100% points bonus for the relevant product once the TVL reaches 500K USD, resulting in a total 200% points bonus.

  1. If the original points bonus you received from the relevant project's platform exceeds the points bonus offered on our platform, (for example Puffer >1.15x, Eigenpie >2x), then if you choose to issue in this fund, the surplus points you possess may be diluted across the entire points pool. To mitigate the risk of dilution, please carefully review the description. Contact us at or through our Discord ticket channel.

  2. StakeStone-related products will not display points and it will receive airdrops directly.

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